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Introduction: Me and KnexBulid's Project

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Here is a railgun me and KnexBuild are working on. This is what we have so far, its getting closer to  completion but we're working on it. This ible is really just ment for KnexBuild and I but you guys can add some feedback if you wish.

FOR KNEXBULID: UPDATE 1 So this is the prototype I pm'ed you about it contains the new trigger, over vacation can you give it a mag of some sort and try to improve the trigger, I won't be active all vacation. 

UPDATE 2: This is the new trigger, ok there the new pictures are there the last pic is the part that resets the trigger (non-

For Didexo: UPDATE 3: I have made a new trigger, pin and handle. The trigger should be able to take a lot of pressure.

UPDATE 4: I made and added a stock. Also, added a new and better handle and made a dot sight.

UPDATE 5: New trigger still can hold same amount of pressure, details explaned in the video, slighty different handle

Update 6: I made limbs pictures will be up later

For Didexo: UPDATE 7: Here is the magazine area. It has a removable, top loading magazine the can hold 8 yellow rods. The
magazine can be put in and taken out at any time. The gun also has a magazine release.

For Didexo: UPDATE 8: Here is my working prototype. It gets only about 50 feet. The gun uses bending crossbow limbs. Sorry for the blur; my camera didn't want to focus for some reason.



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    when i first got on here i was like "ughh... another compound bow..." but then i looked at it a bit more and i actually have to say i like it. the mech looks clean and seems as if it would work well. i would like to see this posted, but no pressure (if it already is, excuse me for the lack of patience to look it up, but i see a comment made yesterday down below and i assume it wasn't posted then so it isn't now).

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    Why won't you post this? It takes so long I'm getting a little impolite

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    It won't be posted mabey you can ask Knexbuild and he will but I've been busy, sorry.

    No not mean at all, I haven't heard back from Knexbuild yet so I'm not sure.

    Did you send me a PM? I haven't gotten any new PM from you. I thought you were working on it; I was just waiting for you to finish your mods, but you never posted the mods.

    They were bad mods basicly I tried a different firing mech instead of a mag but it didn't work I think its pretty much done.

    Well the prototype is done but a few mor mods need to be done.

    Awesome. I'm really a fan of the magazine system. I love self contained mags with internal pushers that aren't open on the top, so convenient.

    Yes the mag is really nice made.

    I have made a working prototype, but it only shoots about 50 feet. The pin sometimes breaks, even though I made a strong pin.

    Really can you post a picture of it ?

    Ok I show you the likbs I made then we can mod. I like the body.

    I'll post a picture of it tomorrow.

    Yes its looking pretty good, I plan to post instructions when its completed. I'm glad to see someone enjoing this. Thanks.

    Good, its coming along.