Introduction: Mean Green Pencil Shooting Machine

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all you need for the pencil gun is one mechanical pencil, scissors, and yourself

Step 1: Cut It,cut It Hard

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take the pencil head cap off,push the trigger(make sure that the round piece is forward) and cut on the red line like in my picture

Step 2: Push and Shoot

Picture of Push and Shoot

use your fingernail on the rim of the trigger,when you have full power,release the pencil

Step 3: Kill All Humans

Picture of Kill All Humans

with your new toy


prosper58 (author)2009-07-09

Lol I've never seen a fake instructable before. Thanks so much for wasting my time..

It does work, but you have to take of the eraser first

eggyeggyeggy (author)prosper582009-09-07

It does work...

MeanGreenBean (author)prosper582009-07-30

it would be a waste of a life if I killed you with my pen gun, But I will do it PUNK!

MeanGreenBean (author)2010-01-06

make sure you your using a wide range of pens!

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