Introduction: Meapains Awesome RBG Mod by Me

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I've made some mod coz when i shoot the RB it doesn't go far and not so fast.

Step 1: Made This Thing and Add a Yellow Connector

Picture of Made This Thing and Add a Yellow Connector

made the RB mount(pic 1) and put the yellow connector at the fold barrel(pic 2)


Shut Up Now (author)2007-12-13

go down the page and look at people talk about their religion. doesnt have crap to do with knex.

EATLEAD97 (author)Shut Up Now2010-07-03

lol i saw that but the pope does keep catholic preists safe from getting busted while @#*%ing kids lol

J_SCAP (author)Shut Up Now2008-01-04

oh well who cares

Kaiven (author)2007-10-01

hmm... the back thing does nothing ehh? then that means there are no point in butts.

knexguy (author)Kaiven2007-10-02

I like big butts and i cannot lie...

Kaiven (author)knexguy2007-10-02

I like big... bibles and i cannot lie! (a real parady)

knexguy (author)Kaiven2007-10-03

lol, nice one!

Metal4God (author)knexguy2007-10-04

here it is!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-05

Ha! I can't believe it! A parody about the Bible that isn't insulting about my religion! I wonder if he is Catholic too....

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-06

your catholic?

bobbyk881 (author)Metal4God2007-12-18

Catholic rulesss because my gf is catholic

Metal4God (author)bobbyk8812007-12-19

if ur catholic, beleive that the pope is God, thats bad, but if ur catholic and beleive like a christian, thats good.

bobbyk881 (author)Metal4God2007-12-19

im not Catholic my gf is but im christian tho.

Metal4God (author)bobbyk8812007-12-20

i know that

popomaster (author)Metal4God2008-03-08

Im christian. :D I know this is an old comment lol

Metal4God (author)popomaster2008-03-09


Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-06

yes, are you?

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-06

No Im christian!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-06

Not really any difference, I am Christian too.

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-06

can't be christian and catholic!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-06

yes you can, I am considered Christian because I believe in Jesus Christ, I am just a little different than Mormons, Lutherans, and the other Christian religion, and my Bible has more books than the non-Catholic Bibles.

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-06

then those "extra" books aren't real. God didn't make thought" Oh i believe this and and im going to make people think it's real!!!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-06

see, that is one of the differences between our religions, my religions believes that they were written by the prophets, and your religion thinks they were written by normal people, without divine inspiration.

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-06

BUT IT"S TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-06

to you. I do not believe so. You believe what you believe, and I believe what I believe, and we can still be friends.

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-06

we are freinds? all we like to do is speak German! witch is cool case we may be two of a few who can! (well i can't i use a translator) sorry :-(

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-08

Um, yay!

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-09

kühler Hund! Ich habe gern Freunde!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-09

Hund? so?

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-10

i said cool dog its nice to have freinds!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-10

dog or dawg?

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-11

i spelt dog but yeah dawg works!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-11


Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-12

up top!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-12

hmmm, what is the non-english/farci way to say this...... Oh, I know! Vers le bas bas !

Metal4God (author)Whaleman2007-10-12

i thought you DIDN'T no French!

Whaleman (author)Metal4God2007-10-12

that doesn't mean I am completely ignorant of it. My grandpa speaks french, so I know some, like how to say "hide", but I can't spell it, "Doe je vu" or something

ironman69 (author)Metal4God2007-11-16

This s#!t is funny

Mepain (author)Metal4God2007-10-05


Kaiven (author)Mepain2007-10-05

my sister is the one who found this song. lol

Metal4God (author)Kaiven2007-10-04

yep its awsome! are you christian?

Kaiven (author)Metal4God2007-10-05

yup :D

Metal4God (author)Kaiven2007-10-06

up top!

Kaiven (author)Metal4God2007-10-06

down low!

Metal4God (author)Kaiven2007-10-06


knexguy (author)2007-10-01

GRAMMAR AND SPELLING!!! Please make your instructables grammatically correct!

Urban Assault (author)knexguy2007-10-01

I'm a Malaysian not American.BTW I'm 11 going 12 on christmas

bunduk (author)Urban Assault2007-10-03

im twelve in 11 days and im not american either and i can spell mepains name right

Metal4God (author)bunduk2007-10-11


Urban Assault (author)bunduk2007-10-03

just wrong

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