Bacon "Cupcake" (with cheese filling)

Picture of Bacon
This is a quick instructable for those of you who enjoy bacon!

Step 1: What You Need:

-Shredded Cheese

-Cupcake Cups
-Cupcake Baking Sheets
theres a lot you can do with bacon.. my favorite is a bacon square weave for tacos...
Jareth2473 years ago
How crunchy does the bacon end up? Cuz even the slightest chewy piece and it's garbage to me. That's why I use turkey bacon, cuz it gets crunchy quicker without burning it.
oking3 years ago
I might mod this reduce cheese add an egg to each one and fold and top with cheese again.

We'll see.
This is amazing! However, I think I'll put a slice of baguette bread inside the muffin under the cheese to soak up a lot of the "greasy goodness". Thanks for a smokin' instructable

McNoodle (author)  bouncebackability4 years ago
oRelyTo4 years ago
Ahaha, never mind. I am sorry. I have read that all wrong. D:
McNoodle (author)  oRelyTo4 years ago
haha it's ok i do it sometimes too. dont forget to vote!
LucasOchoa4 years ago
pretty friggen boss
McNoodle (author)  LucasOchoa4 years ago
lol thnx
mary candy4 years ago
craaazy recipe!
but I would like to taste it ;)
McNoodle (author)  mary candy4 years ago
oRelyTo4 years ago
You mean meet? :P
McNoodle (author)  oRelyTo4 years ago
? What do you mean?
Your instructable name? Or it is meant to be like that? I think it would be "meet". Because "meat", it is from a animal. And "meet" is the greetings to something.