Meat Grinder Restoration





Introduction: Meat Grinder Restoration

I bought this meat grinder from an auction years ago and it was time for a clean up.

Step 1: Disassemble

Disassemble the grinder.

Step 2: Soak

Soak the grinder in household vinegar.

Step 3: Brush

Brush the parts clean and dry.

Step 4: Prep

Prep the parts for painting.

Step 5: Prime

Prime the metal surfaces.

Step 6: Paint

Spray on a few coats of paint.

Step 7: Sand

Rough sand the handle.

Step 8: Stain and Finish

Stain the handle and coat in finishing oil.

Step 9: Plate and Knife

Replace the plate and knife.

Step 10: Reassemble

Reassemble the grinder and run sprouts and garlic through to season the inside.



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    That looks nice. What kind of paint did you use? Also, what does it mean to season the inside? Why use sprouts and garlic?

    I used rustoleum metallic spray paint on the outside. Seasoning is just treating the surface with fats and oils to prevent sticking and protect the metal. I brushed the inside a bit with mineral oil before the running sprouts and garlic through. You could use spring onions or anything else you have laying around.