This is a life size horse head constructed with a wood/wire armature and then covered with close to 200 dollars worth of bacon/prosciutto.
I started by creating a wood armature that i wrapped in wire to create the horse form.  The next step was covering the armature with plaster bandaging which helped create a porous surface to pin the bacon to.  Once your armature is complete and to your liking the process of applying the bacon can begin!  
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arpoky2 years ago
This must be a delicacy in Europe!
poofrabbit4 years ago
YAY voting opened! I had to vote for you, I still just plain adore this! Good luck, and I'm rooting for you!
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  poofrabbit4 years ago
Thank you so much I don't think I am going to beat Bacon Roses but it makes me feel good that someone is rooting for me!!!
Bacon Roses are original, but so is your horse, for sure you will be a finalist, I'd be shocked if you were not!
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  poofrabbit4 years ago
I can't believe it I was pretty sure I wouldn't be...this is so exciting!
YAY! Look at you!! You are in the finals!
hgivler4 years ago
kfurino4 years ago
Caitlin, I love you and I want you to win so bad. You are amazing!
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  kfurino4 years ago
I love you tooooo!

rachelll4 years ago
this horse head looks like feels like legs like pure silk
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  rachelll4 years ago
hahahaha I love it...toot toot!
ZoDo4 years ago
This is amazing...and kind of twisted. But what did you do with the horse head? And with the bacon? Cause I imagine that after a while it started to smell and rot...
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  ZoDo4 years ago
I put the horse head outside after 24 hours of it showing in the gallery space. The most amazing thing happened. After about 20 minutes of the piece being outside birds attacked it and flew off with almost all of the meat. The field behind the studio had bits of bacon in it for weeks after. I am sad to say I was not a witness to the birds attacking it but a few students said it was absolutely amazing to watch them swarm the piece.
This looks disgusting...I love it :D Voted for you, hope you win.
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  The_CoCo_Loco4 years ago
AWESOME!!! Thank you so much!!!
ZoDo4 years ago
Almost forgot, if you still have it you could make a picture like it comes out from a grave, that would be cool.
Arbitror4 years ago
I think I agree with bmcclear!
apacher4 years ago
You should put it into someones bed at night and pour ketchup over it!
Vyger4 years ago
I thought horses were already made of meat.
bmcclear4 years ago
I don't know if I should be disturbed or impressed. Probably both.
poofrabbit4 years ago
I had to come back and vote for this (I voted for your two face as well) However, this is my favorite. I'm a huge fan of Francis Bacon and it makes me think of his stuff. I smile a lot when I look at it! I do hope you got an A for it in your class.
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  poofrabbit4 years ago
Aww man thank you so much! If I can make one person feel this way when looking at it that works for me! I am also a big fan of Francis Bacon...and I did end up with an A on the project! Thanks again, it really means a lot!

So glad you received an A! I hope you keep posting up your work, I'm impressed. :)
Ummmm... Do look a bacon horse in the mouth?
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  ideasbychuck4 years ago
Well it isn't a gift horse...it's a bacon horse so I think you are alright! :)
vincent75204 years ago
Don't care … 
I'm sorry that most of the viewers may not have the slightest hint they have here a candidate for the MOMA !!!!…
Emsaid4 years ago
looks tasty but i think ill stick to normal horses... you dont have to make them before you eat them.. haha! looks pretty sickk!
poofrabbit4 years ago
Wow this is intense! Makes me think of the bodies exhibit. Love it!
vincent75204 years ago
I'd vote for this one if I could
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  vincent75204 years ago
YAY! That makes me so happy to hear!
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  AuTopsyTurvy4 years ago
I guess I meant to read not to hear :)
Your screen name is interesting! Lol I worked in the forensics field for 8 years. Do You?
aeray4 years ago
Looks like you'll have to find a turkey fryer. What (and where) was the occasion of this installation?
AuTopsyTurvy (author)  aeray4 years ago
I created this piece for an advanced sculpture class at Ohio State. I decided to use raw bacon as a material because I could create the effect of muscle and tendons. My professor is vegan...I had no clue until the class critique!
Biggsy4 years ago
I'm terrified of horses... This is equal parts creepy and awesome....

AuTopsyTurvy (author)  Biggsy4 years ago
...and smelly! :) Thank you.
Well... yes.... hehehe Although I think my dogs would like to have it in the house...
kaptaink_cg4 years ago
Looks awesome, but slightly disturbing too! :) Reminds me of the Body Worlds exhibits.
awesome, now you have to cook it, perhaps bake it at low temp to lock int he shape before advancing to high heat crispy
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