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This is a life size horse head constructed with a wood/wire armature and then covered with close to 200 dollars worth of bacon/prosciutto.
I started by creating a wood armature that i wrapped in wire to create the horse form.  The next step was covering the armature with plaster bandaging which helped create a porous surface to pin the bacon to.  Once your armature is complete and to your liking the process of applying the bacon can begin!  



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    This must be a delicacy in Europe!

    YAY voting opened! I had to vote for you, I still just plain adore this! Good luck, and I'm rooting for you!

    Thank you so much I don't think I am going to beat Bacon Roses but it makes me feel good that someone is rooting for me!!!

    Bacon Roses are original, but so is your horse, for sure you will be a finalist, I'd be shocked if you were not!

    I can't believe it I was pretty sure I wouldn't be...this is so exciting!

    YAY! Look at you!! You are in the finals!

    Caitlin, I love you and I want you to win so bad. You are amazing!

    this horse head looks like feels like legs like pure silk