Meat Patties

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This is one of the famous snack  that every body likes.It takes a while to make,so I always make a huge amount  and freeze them.
When ever I have guests or  feel like having home made Patties ,I take it out from the freezer  an hour early to defrost. It is already semi fried/semi baked , so that it does not get pasted in the fridge.. Once it is defrosted I fry it over again until golden brown.
If you don't want to fry, you can apply egg yolk on top of the patties and bake them until golden brown.
Baking is much more healthier,but I like it Fried ,as it is much  more tastier.
I am  publishing  with more pictures ,so that every body understands well looking at the pictures alone.

Enjoy with your favourite choice of  Sauce...Super delicious...
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Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
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For the dough
Butter or Margarine
Cold Water

Curry leaves
Spring onions
Lime or lemon (option)
Turmeric Powder
Paprika powder

Step 2: Making the Dough

Picture of Making the  Dough
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1. Shift flour and add 2 or 3 table spoon melted butter or margarine and 1/2 tea spoon salt .
2.  With you fingertips mix the melted butter, flour and salt until the mixture resembles fine sand. Then add cold water  little by    little to make the dough.Do not add too much butter,as it will become very soft.In case you add too much butter or water   don't panic,just  add more flour.
3.With floured hands  mix  and knead well  until it becomes  soft.
4. Make small balls so that it is easy to roll out one by one.Now  set a  side.

Step 3: Making the filling

Picture of Making the filling
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5 (800x533).jpg
6 (800x533).jpg
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1. Cut the beef  in to medium size pieces add salt and turmeric powder.
2.  Pressure cook the beef for few minutes.
3.  Boil the potatoes and cut them in to small cubes.
4. Drain the water off and  chop the beef  also in to small pieces.
5.  Finally chop  the spring onions

Ancterionts2 years ago
I'm wishing to taste one of them, looks so delicious ;)
Mmmm ! Very tempting getting hungry looking at it.Hope to make it soon.
xpat732 years ago

i tried it out, its really delicious
shazni2 years ago
Congratulations on your win!
786Ayesha (author)  shazni2 years ago
Thank you very much!!
Izz172 years ago
abdaaq2 years ago
delicious...very famous snack in my country Sri Lanka...
786Ayesha (author)  abdaaq2 years ago
This is famous in Jamaica too.
ebend122 years ago
Could you also get by if you fry the meat instead?
786Ayesha (author)  ebend122 years ago
Yes of course!The filling has to be thick,so that the dough holds it.Do not use meat alone, add some veggies if you don't like potatoes (carrot,leeks also taste good)
Yum! That looks delicious; I especially like the potato!
786Ayesha (author)  Penolopy Bulnick2 years ago
I thought only the Germans like potatoes.Ha! Thank you
Well, my bit of German in me must be showing :D
I like this!
786Ayesha (author)  susanchen20112 years ago
kaaaazmi2 years ago
looks good!!
luks........................ yummy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sheroza2 years ago
These definitely look delicious! Thanks for sharing!
shahanak2 years ago
yum! :-)
shazni2 years ago
NOM NOM NOM! I need that little dumplin presser! This looks so great!