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Introduction: Meatball Onion BOMB

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Taking a next step on from our Bacon Onion Rings video ( comes Meatball Onion Bombs.

First inspired by the Teamtraeger recipe, I decided to make my own video recipe so as many people as possible can make their own version too.

This recipe centres around a clever use for the onion (diced in the beef mix but also used as a shell to keep the bomb shape), and the rest is just really tasty beef, bacon and seasoning/sauce.

If you don't have a big BBQ or smoker then try these out in the oven, you'll still get an amazing result - but if you DO have a smoker, well you're in for a treat!

Step 1: Ingredients

Here's what you'll need and what you're going to make with th ingredients.

Now watch the video recipe!

Step 2: Video Recipe

Watch the video for a full guide to creating and cooking these awesome Meatball Onion BOMBS!

Feedback is welcome and please let me know if you cook your own!



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    Dear lord you are my hero...

    Lol, ur welcome! :-)

    Amazing! Such a creative way of making such a simple thing. And it looks quite delicious. I'll definitely give this recipe a go.

    Thanks Lucas, I love clever little ideas for recipes and don't like to just add bacon for the sake of it. I think this one and my bacon onion rings recipe really benefit from the additional ingredients and they way they fit together. Cheers.