Be one of the first to build The Worlds Smallest Water Rocket. It's so small you can fit it in your pocket, launcher and all! Impress your friends and family with this neat and inexpensive High Powered Miniature Water Rocket.

I have named this rocket (As all good rockets should.) TITAN the HPMWR.

Join me in creating your very own version of my design and inspire your friends to do the same.

Quick, lets grab a few basic items. You just may have everything you need around your home.


After a recent topic in regards to saftey in Instructables I have decided to take my own approach to the matter.
Given that this I'ble is what I would consider Very Dangerous to say the least, I have decided to set over due care instructions. I also here state that you do not have permission to view this Instructable, until you have fullfilled your obligation in regards to the safety requirements.

The requirements are as follows-

You read my advice and adhere to it. Not only do I work as a saftey auditor, I have also had the life experience of loosing a finger tip to such projects.

Someone once said to me "Don't worry I won't slip" as I could obviously see they were about to (and did). At that point it clicked in my head, no one ever knows they are about to hurt themselves. No matter how safe you think you are being, there is always some thing that can go wrong. If you could prevent yourself from being hurt, you would.

It is all about the unknown, so follow these guildlines and take all possible measures to prevent and un-expected accident.

Buy some shatter proof rated sunglasses, they don't cost much. Wear them during all of your projects. Same goes for hearing protection. You don't know your loosing it until it going. You don't want it to go, trust me.

If there is any chance of flying projectiles you must be wearing full length clothing. This includes shirt and pants.

If fumes are produced you must wear appropriate breathing gear. Not just a paper mask but APPROPRIATE breathing gear. If it's a dusty project you need a dust mask, if it is a gas related project you need a gas RATED mask. NO your sleeve WILL NOT DO.

If something may explode. You better make sure it explodes on the other side of a brick wall to you.

There have been many times in my life where I could not do something. If you can't do something, don't kill yourself trying. Stop, take a breath, get a mate and try again with a friend and two sets of hands. There is no shame in getting some help.

If you see someone doing something dangerous, stop them. You know you would feel like an absolute fool if they killed/hurt themselves, far more of a fool than being ridiculed for being too safe.
Stop them, I do. You may get laughed at, but one day you might just save someones life.

Take more than due care.

This project contains compressed air. Please understand that if something fails you may injure yourself

can i use a sharpie
I would be preferable to use a metal unit as apposed to a plastic one. I actually tried a sharpie plastic but was not happy trying to epoxy the quick connect in. The smallest threaded quick connect valve I could find was still too large for a thin sharpie;s body. Maybe if you hvae a thick one.?
like these
It's because that's what he called the PDF, probably just so whoever saved it without looking, or thinking wouldn't be able to find it back, thus keeping the stupid from using it
I hadn't thought of that. LoL Whatever you name you I'ble when first asked, is what the address remains as, even if you change the title later.. I wrote this I'ble when your subscribers could view your un-published work. I named it meatball stew, so no one would be interested and read it before I published it.
You should've just went with it, but that works too
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Meatball_stew/">https://www.instructables.com/id/Meatball_stew/</a><br/><br/>lol<br/>
So how much pressure can it hold (if properly sealed and tested)? What altitudes can it reach? And what do you use to pressurize it for launch?
The tube can hold 180 PSI easily. The epoxy will fail around 150 PSI and at 120 PSI 50 Foot is not hard to achieve. It is a bicycle pump which is used.
awesome DIY... hope cogworkz isn't planning on taking it on a plane with him :)
LoL Thanks.
Hey lftndbt i like ur' launcher i just ask george on a plan to make a hand held launcher but using a 1.5liter or 2 litter bottle.. still i think the less weight is better than add more weight!!! can u explain to me why?
Can I ask why the URL includes the words "Meatball stew"?
Shhhhh! It's a secret.
telllllllllllllllllllllllll O and nice instructable

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