Step 9: Assemble and Serve!

Prepare a chilled margarita or martini glass with your skewered olives and a small slice of cheese.

Pour in the filtered tequizo and add a single tomato juice ice cube.

For a less potent cocktail, dilute with crushed ice or mineral water.
These people have been brain washed or coerced or blackmailed or all the above to say its good! haha!<br><br>I'm gonna have to try these. At first I thought this was just nasty, but then I thought about how we add diff alcohol to food usually so why not.<br><br>Still the Pizza Margarita scares me. But the other two just sounds absolutely delicious now.<br><br>I will report back later with my results.
I fully understand your skepticism. Let me know what you think!
Maybe it was my own bias but I loved both the Meaty Guinness (I love Guinness to begin with) And the fishy vodka, but I couldn't get into the Pizza Margarita, just not flavors I liked together. The other two weren't bad at all.
Please go see a head doctor he may be able to help with your plans for destroying good alcohol and cheese
&quot;Destroying&quot; is such a pejorative term. I prefer &quot;enhancing.&quot;
Have you thought about a Beef Thickshake?
Please make that happen.
Got any good ideas for chicken stock?
Start by browning some sliced onion and diced celery in a heavy pan with a little butter. Put in some salt to bring out the flavors of the onion.<br><br>As they start to soften, add garlic, thinly sliced carrot and pepper.<br><br>In a separate pan, soften some diced butternut squash. Once mashable, blend it together with the chicken stock. Add 4tbsp of peanut butter to the stock and blend it again. Pour this into the first pan and let simmer for a few minutes.<br><br>Serve with crusty bread and garnish with cilantro, chilli and a dash of sour cream.<br><br>If you'd like an alcoholic alternative, serve it with a pint of beer.
I should have chugged it.
I think we're all glad you didn't! Well done for being brave enough to try it.
Nice work!<br />I have a soft spot for spicy, so the horseradish Guinness would be my weapon of choice.
Yeah, that was my favorite too. Lovely and mellow. Mmm... Guinness... *sigh* Almost time to go to the pub...
Im cravin some tequizo right about now. Brilliant that if you add pineapple, its a "hawaiian pizza"margarita!
I'll make a special batch to keep in the Lab for emergencies!
That is excellent!
Excellent while you're drinking it, less so the morning after...<br>Thanks!
extra bonus points for getting Wade in a 98 degrees shirt

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