Mech Pilot




Introduction: Mech Pilot

Parts List

Ball Joints - 10

Ball Socket - 3

y-clips - 13

white metallic rod - 1

sorry for the inconvenience of the other instrucable so I will post this Instead. any problems following the video you can ask for help in the comments.



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    16 Discussions

    Nope, I built a gun called the NAR and it had a ball socket in the front to absorb the pin's impact, but it kept shattering and I kept replacing it until I only had three or so sockets left. (Long sentence)

    I was kinda too bad. It was my fault because I kept replacing the socket. I should have stopped with the first broken one. :(

    I have micro and normal with all of the rods and connectors. also I moved the ideas for what I should build to the fourm.

    I kinda like micro knex. It could be annoying to get a box of knex that says "1000 pieces," and it ends up being mostly micro. I hate the bricks and "Kid Knex" though.

    Same her. I am also not much of a fan for the micro coasters I like the traditional style track and train rippin rocket, screaming serpent, son of serpent, etc

    Yeah. I don't have any coasters though. I do not really care, as I prefer guns to roller costers. :P