Picture of Mechanical Bull for Dolls
This mechanical bull was created as a weekend hobby. The creation process was simple and did not last more than two hours. The materials I already had at home. For those who wish to make an equal, will be a good opportunity to recycle materials and learn how to use the joystick shield with Arduino. Hope you enjoy.

Step 1: Materials:

- A volunteer (doll)
- Pieces of cardboard
- An empty soft drink
- Two servomotors
- A Arduino Uno
- A Joystic Shield
- Arms for the servants
- Three screws
- nuts and a washers
- Hot glue, scissors, knife, etc. ...
SelimErkan2 years ago
hi I love it. I want to ask a question. Will u show joystick controller connections?
I didnt see it
I have a gamepad. And ı want to use it. But I didnt use.
PeckLauros (author)  SelimErkan2 years ago
Oops! My mistake! I thought I had put a figure showing the connections. I connected the joystick shield as follows:

Wires-----------Sensor Shield----------Joystick Shield
black wire------------ G--------------------- (gate)
red wire -------------- V--------------------- (5vots)
gray wire ------------ A0-------------------- (X axis)
orange wire --------- A1-------------------- (Y axis)

As soon as I can, I get a better picture.
This is great! I hope to build something similar for my "Froggy World" amusement park--of course I'll credit you for the concept.
I like the fact that you used cardboard--it's a great material for models and prototypes; and actually holds up fairly well.
PeckLauros (author)  MikeTheMaker2 years ago
Thank you! I love using cardboard because it is easy and inexpensive. Your playground is getting very good too. I'm watching. I am proud to know that you're gonna build a toy with the concept that I created. Then show us.
zomfibame2 years ago
lol, that is a fun lil' project.
Nifty idea! well done
PeckLauros (author)  goodforcatfish2 years ago