These cufflinks were made as a present for my dad on fathers day, they were inspired by a design made by tattesossian, a very expensive jewellery company, the cufflinks are fully rotatable, when you turn the larger brass disk, the three smaller cogs turn together, the cuffinks are made out of aluminium, with brass cogs and steel axles for the cufflinks to rotate on, over all I am pleased with the result, they were a bit of a pain to work out how to make them, this is the final way I made them, after several failed attempts.

I wanted to say that I have entered this instructable into the jewellery contest, I would love to win a 3d printer, and have been trying to save for one for what feels like ages now,and  being 15 years old i'm struggling :/

A history of the Idea

The idea to make these cufflnks came when my dad brought home a highlife magazine from an airport with a picture of the square mechanical tateossian cufflinks, saying that that was what he wanted for fathers day, half joking as they cost £70 ($106). 
Being broke I set out to make them, orrigionally I made them out of steel box section, but they were very heavy and too big. I went back to the drawing board. When I did some more research, I found that Tateossian also made circular versions of the cufflinks, I mch preffered the shape of these cufflinks, but preffered the look of the cogs on the square ones, So I decided to make a cross between the two.

Things that you need:
-17 or larger mm aluminium bar (you'll need around (150mm)
-40mm aluminium bar (you'll need around 10mm)
-4x5.3mm brass cogs
-2x 7.3mm cog
-10mm brass bar ( you'll need around 5mm)
-0.9mm steel rod ( you'll need around 300mm)
-small piece of breadboard 

Tools that you need
-metal lathe
- pillar drill
-0.9mm drill bit
-araldite, or another epoxy
-rat tail (round) file
-flat and/or half round file
-glue gun
-small files
-general sandpapers
-dremel with polishing bit

and some other general pieces of scrap wood and general tools

I purchased my cogs from ebay as part of a general job lot of cogs, they were described as steam punk cogs, heres a link:


I used the cogs for all my dimensions, make sure you buy the cogs first, them size everything off them.

Step 1: The Cogs

The cogs

when I first embarked on this project I knew that the cogs amd getting them to rotate together would be the most challenging part of the build, So to get the alignment right I took a piece of bread board from my electronics box, and took a piece of the 0.9mm metal wire that fit perfectly into the hole in my cogs and set the cogs up as closley as I could together, I found very quickley that I was very lucky and that the cogs aligned perfectly, this meant I alredy had a drill guide. I found from my previous failed attempts that a drill guid for the cogs is essental, as the slightest slip will mean that your cogs do not align, If you are not as lucky and the cogs you use do not line up perfectly on the bread board, I would suggest that you see how far away the cogs are with the bread board, then using a pen mark out where you think the holes should go on a piece of scrap wood, drill the holes and see if they align, if they don't, re adjust and drill again. 

now that all the cogs are aligned you can see how they will be able to fit on your cufflinks, this means you should be able to do a cad design to work out any kinks in the desgin before you start making them.
Thank you for these comments, if you like them please vote for them in the Jewlry contest :)
Those are really cool- nice job!
I love these and i might make something of the same style for my dad for is birthday. Its great to see people my age making but my school would never let me use the lathe so i may have to get one of the 10 x 7 mini lathes. <br>
Thank you very much for these great comments!!
This is just awesome :). Loved them. I have added you here in my collection <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Unusual-DIY-Jewelry/ <br> <br>Thank you so much for sharing.
These are amazingly awesome!! Nice work!
You should change the name of this to steampunk cufflinks. Very nice! Also, get some neosporin for that cut on your finger. :) <br>

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