Step 22: Finish the Frog Form

At this point, it's all about decorating.  I chose to cover the foam shell with green spandex.
I applied rubber cement over the entire outer surface and just stuck the fabric on. After the glue was fully set, I trimmed off the excess with a razor knife, and glued on some eyes.
You could add on some arms.   I probably should have. 

Attach the Frog form to the Back Plate using double sided tape or loops of duct tape.

Happy Hopping.

Very nice! I am going to make one for my mom, she likes frogs.
I like your kids' idea to make a big one you can ride on!
An outstanding first project - sets a benchmark in documentation as well.
Congrats on having basically the creepiest instructable I've ever seen.<br>But really, nice work!
This is too coool. very nice. i am soo trying this one.
Very cool..<br>Looks like a lot of work to make that worm gear!<br>You put a lot of work in this instructable!<br>GREAT job..<br>5*
Thank you. The worm gear is easy and only takes about an hour to make. It took a few days to design the machine. Three weeks for me to create the instructable. I should have spent a lot more time proofreading. Yikes! Panic set in, I thought the deadline for the contest was still the 14th.

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