Picture of Mechanical Hand

Students will make a simple mechanical hand with a trigger connected to a hinge. Once complete, students can test the ability of their hand by trying to pick up as many straws as possible. Extra class time (and there should be plenty!) can be devoted to further testing and redesigning to make the best mechanical hand possible!

Step 1: Materials

For this design, you will need:
(and extra for redesigning)

15 Craft sticks
Craft cubes
Round cube beads
Part of 1 Straw
2 Skewers
2 Rubberbands
Hot glue

And a box of straws for the challenge!
ijazzahir1 month ago

fantastic idea...its quite helpful especially for the elderly people, so thumps up..!!

_makerbot_2 months ago

does this actually pick things up? Is it a lever?

ericesquivelbr made it!1 year ago

It was great to do it, and I made one only enhacement, that I took a picture. Thank you... I have a lot of fun...

WYE_Lance (author)  ericesquivelbr1 year ago
Wow, this is awesome! Thanks for sharing - it's really cool to see others actually make use of these project plans :)
mohesh1 year ago

extremely awesome

TTSS1 year ago

Simply Wonderful.

That's awesome

Awesome! This would work great for a puppet hand :D thanks for sharing!

rimar20001 year ago

Good work! Maybe you could add a video.

So great!! Thanks for posting.