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Introduction: Mechanical Iris

About: I like to make inventions, usually out of paper and stuff I have. I have a few projects that i haven't put up on instructables yet...

I made this a while ago and I didnt post it till now. It opens and closes, and it is made of credit cards, paperclips, and foam core. It has six segments.
I am thinking of making an instructable of it.
What do you think?
Also, which image is better? The first or second?



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    I prefer the behind view of it...

    Please do make an instructable about this - I've been wanting to make a mechanical iris for ages but haven't got round to it...

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    Yes, I was quite adicted to them at the time, I was thinking of buying one but I thought that it would be a fun challenge to make one instead, also they cost alot too

    The better image is the fourth - the one posed like the third, but with the other side of the iris facing the camera.

    How do you open and close it?

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    In the second picture with the metal sticking out, you would twist it, I think clockwise to close and counter clockwise to open it.