Basically this is a mod for mechanical pencil gun because I made one of these and It started to banana peel so I made this version witch is cheeper to make and last a lot longer. ( it dose help if you make the other gun first and use it until it dies)

Step 1: What You Need

somthing to cut with
several kinds of tape
rubber band
bic pencil (or mod a piece of wood or w.e)

Step 2: Making Ramming Thingy...

(If you already made the first version of this and destroyed the original barrel then just take the ramming thing out of old barrel and skip this steep )

take apart pencil

Step 3: Making New Barrel

This is simple just cut bendy part of both straws off then make 4 cuts about 1/2 inch long at base
and insert into other straw
(Tape together)

  • make sure a bb/ air soft can easly roll down*

Step 4: Renforcing Barrel

this is realy easy just rap in several layers of tape so the straw dosent break when you fire it.
(the more tape the better)

*make sure you look at all notes on pictures*

Step 5: Finishing Barrel

now you need to cut off extra tape and about 1/4 of an inch of straw from taped end

you also may want to cut some extra off the other end of barrel not more than 3inch

Step 6: Prepair to Fire!

insert the rod from the pencil and add ruber bands

if your mentaly retarded it shoots bbs and other simular things put bb in front then bull back pencil part aim and fire (let go)
Yo, listen up. I'm gonna make my own instructable on this and it's gonna be a octillion times better
do u like oranges?
ill look forward to it. this was my first instructable. Btw i was wondering wth is that a picture of?
its a gun pointing at a fruit
The Cat In The Hat has not posted any instructables yet... Don't talk, MAKE and DOCUMENT
what is that a picture of??? it looks like u pionting at an oarnge. what does it have to do with anything???
it looks like a banana...
btw what happens to my mpgs is that the noth eraser holder part comes off the ram cuz the jolt. my barrels r always fine
Awesome. I just cut a notch in the plastic of the ram, so I don't need this, but its awesome, specially since I have and extra ram, hint hint, nudge nudge.
dont be so mean you people
this is retarded. just take the original and add a saftey by puttong a rubber band in front of the eraser. this removes a little power so add more rubberbands. it looks ugly so how do u pasit off in class?
Guys,come on this is his first Instructable. Give him some slack! Stop with the harsh words already..(And no,I'm not a hippie..)lol ~DEZIRE @(>_<)@
You guys are taking it way too hard on him its his first one, i think its pretty good. Like LinkMaster03 said clean up the design a little and it would be much better. but overall design its good.
its good for ur first instructable but prefer the origanal
bad donut is right
nice idea
this is rad dont listen to people like pope its your design and you do want you want with it.
why dose evry one hate it all i did was make a quick version of it that dosnt break.
ill cut you some slack dude its your first instructable. but it looks bad man.
how dooos it work?
you put a bb in one end- pull black part back and let go black part pushes bb out (realy realy fast)
Where's the machine gun part of it?
Sorry but this LOOKS horrible. I would rather use the original design. Maybe if you cleaned up the design a bit it would be better.
i agree. it DOES look a lttle retarded ESPECIALLY with the straw
yea, i prefer the original too
Too complex. I reather just use the origanal design.
Awwweeeesooomme!!! Thanx
how exactly is this better?
its cheeper and last longer

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