Mechanical Pencil Gun #3





Introduction: Mechanical Pencil Gun #3

[a more powerful version of]

make a small pea shooter like gun for free or cheap with a Bic mechanical pencil and a strong rubber band.

a well made pea shooter can shoot bb's quite a ways. my best is around 20 ft with a sting.

and don't be stupid and hit someone in the eye with this. its small but powerful. don't blame me if you do something stupid with it. (thats my disclaimer.)

i'm also currently working on a larger version of this with a steel tube and bungie cords. i might post that later if it works out.

Step 1: Get the Stuff

Thinks you'll need:
1 Bic mechanical pencil,
1 strong rubber band,
1 pair of scissors

Step 2: Disassemble the Pencil

First things first. take off the white cap of the pencil by pulling on it.

next, remove the eraser and cut off the black lead grabber at the tip of the pencil. the shaft should then come out of the pencil.

Step 3: Make the Cuts

get your scissors handy.

1st (pics 1, 2, and 3)
first take the barrel and cut off the thinner end w/the scissors. make sure not to pinch the barrel closed.
once the end is off take one blade of the scissors and carve out the inside of the barrel where you cut to make sure you don't have any pieces sticking out or have any leftover of the thin part.

2nd.(pic 4)
take the shaft and cut notches in the eraser end of it. make them steep V shaped notches and make them pretty deep. you don't want the rubber band falling out.

Step 4: Assembly

take the barrel and break off part of the clip thing. i've found that it works better this way.

put the shaft into the barrel. (should slide in and out right now.)

wrap the rubber band around the barrel a few times so you have it tucked against the side of the clip on the last wrap. it should be just long enough to reach the end of the shaft sticking out. you'll have to experiment on your own to make sure it works right. too tight and the rubber band will snap when you try to draw back too far. too loose and you won't get enough power.

put the loose end of the rubber band in the notches in the shaft.

and thats it!

Step 5: Ammo

This thing can shoot pretty much anything that you can fit into it. the best ammo however is the heavyest and smoothest things you can find. some of the best things that i have found to work are bb's and pellets for pellet guns. if you need impromptu ammo, bits of paper and eraser work well also. just be careful not to shoot someone in the eye with this thing, it will hurt.

also if you leave the end of the shaft on that sticks out the end, you can use it as a blunt object. if you put the barrel on someone and dryfire, it hurts A LOT. experimenting on myself produced some nasty welts.

have fun!



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hey like every other time i shoot it a piece brakes off the pencil i figured out that if you cut a piece off a ear plug and put a hole in it then stick it on the bolt it works for a while but in the end it still brakes anyadvice to make it stop breaking?

I made a mag and and trigger. I cut myself when i made it =(

carry a dart with ya, take the pencil led holder out put the dart in and BLOW MAN BLOW!!!

Nice name, is it based on Soundgarden's song or do you just have fun with black wholes?

made mine wiht one of the bigger bands, so powerful, it breakes a lil bit of the pencil each time i shoot, but very nice instructable. :D, feels bout like being bit by a mosquito

ur right elephant bic pencils fricken unreliable. yay for dr grip pencils they pwn

plz dont shoot toothpicks trust me they go straight through the skin

thanks for the tip. i take it you know this from experience... sounds painful.

Hey, I did this kinda stuff in six grade. Exept we used geometry compass lead instead of bb's. You know those real thick things of graphite they use in special compasses? Works great until you hit someone.

ill try this hope it works do those giant rubberbands work?