Picture of Mechanical Pencil Gun with Automatic Feed
I modified beam's Mechanical Pencil Gun http://www.instructables.com/id/E46CF748H5EQZJIW1W/ to have an automatic feed with just two rubber bands, a mechanical pencil, and a bic pen, and some around the house appliances.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project, you will need:

1 standard BIC mechanical pencil
1 standard PIC pen
2 rubber bands
1 drill with a drill bit the width of the pen
1 super glue or hot glue gun

Sorry I couldn't get a picture of the drill and the hot glue gun. I'm saying this because I am a very visual person and pictures help me very very much.
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Dr J8 years ago
i made this with other pens so that airsoft BBs can fit into it but when i pull the inner barrel, several BBs entered the shooting barrel. how to make it so that only 1 BB can enter the shooter at a time?
u have to move the ammo feed back so it is just in front of where u pull the inerbarel about the length of the bb. also try not to tilt it down hope this makes sense if not just let me know if it help ill try to check back l
that makes the whole firing process rather slow, i mean especially when it's in so much control and all... the angles i can't point at; how much further back i must pull the inner barrel and that makes it pretty much unflexible doesn't it? i think there could be a way to modify the area where the BB drops in, just so there can only be 1 BB in the shooting barrel at a time... good idea? i dunno, lol.
biggyeyes Dr J7 years ago
i think there has to be some kind of shim inside that has a hole in it that fits on the wall that moves with the thing that you pull so that when you pull the trigger fast enough(or slow enough,) only one bb will get in because of the limited amount of time the hole in the shim will let a bb get inside the barrel. I'm gonna try make this with a shim... (next an automatic hehe.)
Dr J biggyeyes7 years ago
hmm.. it never occurred to me that i could modify part of the inner barrel, the addition of a shim is a pretty good idea.
biggyeyes Dr J7 years ago
Dr J biggyeyes6 years ago
easier drawn than made. for me, that is. i dont have any equipments to melt down plastics/heat em up for re-shaping guess what. i made my BB shooter entirely out of different kind of straws and paperclips and the rubber grip of pens, lol.
sheepborg Dr J5 years ago
i have made a spring loaded magazine that lays across the barrel with only the pen and the pencil and some spings from other pens.
it does however take a good bit of cur pieces which make it run less smoothly but it still functions
another thing i made was a removable and replacable magazine (more cutting)
Tzite Dr J5 years ago
Ive been building something super similar and ran into the same problem. I am workingon a solution and am making progress. If i figure it out I'll let you know.
it could always become a shotgun style one so when it loads multiple bb's for a buck shot effect and end up hitting multiple
dla8885 years ago
We did this kind of thing in Jr. High... The teachers began confiscating them.
mr.pizza dla8883 years ago
we did it in 6th grade 7th was pe guns and im in 8th now
yea just watch your hand i put a huge cut in my hand with a knife
oh come on, you have to be a noob to cut yourself
i have only ever used a knife to cut, no drill for me...
xZCodmaNZx6 years ago
to make it full auto try to hook it up to an airsoft gear-box.
Colonel887 years ago
Very nice 3rd picture. (Soryy, but your foot is creeping me out)
its not his foot...
What can I use if I don't have a drill bit that big?
You use a knife.
wat do u mean if u don't have a drill bit dat big ur bob the builder for god sake, jk lol
i put a nasty cut in my finger trying to do that. I tried drilling and i didn't get hurt. _
xHatakeX8 years ago
oh use some pointed tip scissors and keep turning it and u'll get a hole
xHatakeX8 years ago
I tried using small clay balls and they work great but they sting so dun blame me
what if you added a rubber tube to the top of the feeder then connected one of those bb canisters with 2000 bbs in it
armorwaxer8 years ago
if u use an mach pencil ram shate sor the loarder on top and scrap themuzzle out a litte so it will be wider u can shoot bbs really far
Jakob_938 years ago
Nice, but it jams often or over loads releasing all the ammunition in the magazine. I made on with a sort of trigger and it is automatic or u can load in each round after fired. Instructible will be out soon!!!
adamthiede8 years ago
You should use 4.5 mm metal bbs to shoot. They fly farther and are more accurate.
Bad Donut (author) 8 years ago
You might be able to. I highly, highly recommend a drill though because it is WAY faster and more presice.
gunmanx8 years ago
its better if u use a pen so airsoft bbs can fit in the barrel
twitchy8 years ago
Finally something to bug my german teacher with
your mom8 years ago
i figured out that instead of a pen and the ink refil thing, you can use another mechanical pencil, it fits perfectly in itself and doesnt have the chance of the rubber band falling off if you do it right ;)
Hey i need help how do you work the feed
street1048 years ago
ok i know i sound atupid but i dont get how to fire it
Bad Donut (author)  street1048 years ago
Pull back on the eraser part and let go. If that doesn't work, you probably built it wrong.
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