Picture of Mechanical Pencil Staple Shooter
This instructable will show you how to turn a cheap mechanical pencil into a staple shooter. The shooter shoots closed staples about 30 feet. It's really cheap and easy to make.

This probably won't do any damage, it's just meant to annoy people, but anyway...

DISCLAMER: I am not responsible for any injury or damage caused by this to yourself or other people. I am also not responsible for any trouble that you get in with any parents, faculty members, co-workers, bosses, or any other people covered under loco parentis or have authority over you. I am not responsible for anything that is caused by this. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Beware!

And remember, do not fire at face or eyes.

Step 1: Materials

Materials you need:

-A 0.7 mm mechanical pencil (preferably with 2 prongs to push out lead.)
-scissors and or pliers
-tape (optional)

I shot my friend in the eye with this... He went to the hospital... I laughed! (Just Kidding, why would I do that?) VERY VERY COOL.

dat tight bro im in 7th and all that i get shot with led my turn now nice instructable. XD
Cool beans
NO! U CAN NOT TAKE MY PHRASE!! lolz jk dont get so upset!
i did this in third grade.
mobabur945 years ago
cool i wanna try it
Reble15 years ago
dude me and my friends would do this in 5th grade currently in 8th and we would also cut off the prongs and use the pencil to either launch the part that you put the led in at the ceiling or we would use just the outer part to fire spitballs at each other
grundisimo5 years ago
It works better if the end(the one that hits stuff) is straight.
I did this lots in my spanish class last year.
This is the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Icepick5 years ago
With this staple pencil Im gonna be king of the classroom!
This is awesome! I built one, took it to school, and "attacked" friends with it. No one got hurt, thanks to the shooter not having much power.
naruto45676 years ago
can u show me how to do the staple bend that looks like an arrow head dude??????????
its not really hard. just take a regular staple and the bend the staple in half with each leg on the opposite side, make sure there is a little hole in the middle
ultrauber7 years ago
Here's a comment. This is a pretty cool idea. It's one of those things that doesn't seem like it should work, but it does.
n8man (author)  ultrauber7 years ago
ultrauber n8man7 years ago
That was fast.
n8man (author)  ultrauber7 years ago
Like the bomb?
ultrauber n8man7 years ago
Hehe. That's tight.
That's what she said.
thats what she said
that was really fast... haha
bigfootduck6 years ago
OMG! I've been shooting these in my classes for like 2 years now, but I just found this instructable! what a coincidence....
Yeah, me too.
naruto45676 years ago
oh nvm I see!!!!!!!!!!
naruto45676 years ago
dude can u tell me what a prong is?
I might have to try this sometime
48196 years ago
Very good. We used these in 7th grade math, and just found your instructable today. Currently in high school. You dont need pliers for the bic pencil you used; just hve a really good grip and pull the tip off. Also, mini staplers are a good material to add to the list; this is your "ammo," as we called it. I even got a giant box of 4000 staples... :)