A solid silver ring which can grow !
The ring starts off as a bud, but when the small button on the side of the ring is gently twisted the silver petals move down in unison, slowly growing into a metallic flower.
A simple mechanical system which I will explain later in the instructable allows the petals to be moved up and down into a flower or a bud depending on your mood, the time of day  or even the season.
I have designed my ring to look a little bit like a daisy with lots of small silver petals growing up from a stalk held by metal leaves , but as well as my design I will go through how you can make differently colored and shaped flowers.
I will also explain how you can get the imprints of real leaves  for your ring base to give a truly natural effect.

This unique ring allows the wearer to interact with the ring itself when built, but requires little knowledge of jewelry other than the techniques explained in the instructable.
You can give this ring as special gifts but it costs less than $30 to make out of quality silver and even less if you choose to use copper. The ring here is made from solid silver which I shaped using an amazing substance called silver clay; you can model this clay in the same way as normal clay or blue tack but once it is heated by a blowtorch or even just a gas hob for cooking it turns into solid silver ! This means you don't need any where nearly as many tools etc than you would for making jewelry with sheet metal.In the materials section I have provided a link to some sellers of this metal clay.

(If you like this instructable I would be really grateful for your votes in the jewelry contest because a 3D printer  would be incredibly helpful for me when making projects like this, but I would be able to complete them with even more detail and a higher level of accuracy which is harder to achieve by hand.  I am brimming with new ideas for how to use the 3D printer if I were to win it and I would love to see them come to life)

materials and tools:
- silver/copper wire (0.5mm thick)
-leaves for imprints
-cylinder a little bigger than your finger size to mold the ring on
- 10 gm of sliver/copper clay available here: http://www.metalclay.co.uk/categories/Metal-Clay/
-round nosed pliers 
- normal pliers
-pin to make details
-optional: small brass bead for the center of the flower
-pack of very cheap playing cards
-craft knife
-rolling pin
-solder and soldering iron or blow torch / super glue

Step 1: Designing Your Ring

As you can see I sketched a number of different designs before I finally arrived at one which I was happy with. I would advise spending a relatively long time on this stage because it is difficult to change the ring once it is made and you want to be happy with your result especially if you choose to use precious metals.When designing keep in mind that to fit in all the mechanical pieces it is important not to make your ring too compact.
My final design consisted of a leafy base for the ring where a stem would come out from to suspend the bud and flower.
<p>nice ring</p>
<p>very interesting m'kay</p>
Very, cool!
Wow, thanks it is fantastic I am going 2 make one right away and I never knew about that clay silver stuff. Thanx again!!
Absolutely fascinating! <br> <br>Any chance of seeing a video of the ring in action?
This is absolutely amazing - what a neat idea. :D

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