Picture of Mechanical hand
Hand tg slsa des.jpg
Hand slsa 2.jpg
It is a prototype. I have made in the beginning a hand on the computer in 3d, then already of a steel. In the manipulator there are not enough freedom degrees, but simple operations can be carried out. Depending on the application purposes it will be possible to finish a manipulator design.
DiyMaster8285 months ago

super!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KhushiD1 year ago

I really want to buy this thing if it is available!

Redn20001 year ago
Is it possible you could post the files in SLDPRT format? I was able to locate some of the specs from your site, but some areas are missing dimensions and are difficult to recreate with how complex they can be.
Lefty_Link2 years ago
Dang, the video link is blocked in america :/ Well regardless I love the pictures!
tomsmac2 years ago
any ideas for nerve sensors and motors?You could be a BILLIONAIRE!!:)

vandalex2 years ago
Simply gorgeous
sleeping2 years ago
Yeaaah, isn't this how Skynet learned how to create the Terminator.
Looks great!. Would love to see a video of it in action
slsa (author) 2 years ago
See these sites:
rimar20002 years ago
WOW, this is a NASA project!
Are you considering releasing your CAD files? I would love to do something like this, very well done for a prototype. Keep at it!
Kiteman2 years ago
It may not be a final product, but it looks very cool.

How is it controlled and powered?