Picture of Mediacade 4.0 build tutorial
Well i decided that since i make everything for customers id make one for myself this one will use my custom design that i use on my mediacades but this one will have a few upgrades.since this will be my main media center i wanna be able to use it for work and fun so here is the idea.modifiy my original design for my cabs add 2 monitors led buttons sound mods and a ton more.harware wise this thing will be a monster here is a list of what it will have.
1.the unit will be based off of a modded xbox with a mod chip and 1tbhdd with ram upgrade loaded with every xbox game plus emulators and xbmc with custom UI dash and all.
2.since the room its in is small i will add a 32inch 3d tv.
3.23inch widescreen lcd tv/monitor as the marquee/pc monitor(for work/modding)
4.Gaming PC as media hub/gaming/working
5.new appletv
6.built in dock for the new ipad
6.keyboard tray
7.modded ps3/xbox 360 jtag
i have a few other ideas but this is the basic idea of what im going for the hole system will be controlled with the ipad.
in this tutorial i will show you how to build your own.
nathanm164 months ago

This is dope but modding the controllers like that is a pain in the ass. look to ultimarc for a conversion. I use the xbox to jpac mod for my arcade.

kitty11151 year ago

this is awesome !!

blkoutczw (author) 2 years ago
please vote for the mediacade 4.0 in the design contest thanks
fbellicini2 years ago
When you said you needed a Jigsaw did you have him fly over all the way from NYC?
blkoutczw (author)  fbellicini2 years ago