Step 11: Finishing up

Picture of Finishing up
Well if you followed along all steps you should have a pretty sweet looking cab all that is left is to install the tv.The size i used was 32inch 3d tv but you can use what you want.any mount will work just make sure its made for your size tv.mount it to the piece of wood we bolted to the back of the cab and your tv will be ready and safe.all there is left to do is be creative and add as much detail as you like or a poster over the tv to use as a marquee i used a lcd .put the shelves in and place any other component's or other game systems you would like on can see me making this hole project on this video and follow it as a visual guide.hope you all enjoyed the tutorial and have fun.and if you could like and subscribe to my youtube page it helps me ba able to make these videos and tutorials thanks.
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kitty111510 months ago

this is awesome !!