Step 4: The Control Panel

Picture of The Control Panel
here we will build the control panel this will house the xbox and the joysticks.first we will build the frame by using the two 1x4 pieces of wood 31 inch long and the two 1x4 pieces of wood 24 inch long and glueing and screwing them together to make a box.then take one of the 3/4 inch MDF wood -31 inch wide and 24 inch long and glue and nail it into the wood frame this will be the bottom of the control panel.next we ant to make fan holes towards the back of the panel put one on each side i used 80mm fans. Make one hole in back to run wires.then put on the top piece and sand the hole box even round off your corners and edges.next we will drill the holes for the buttons and joysticks i chose a 8 button layout but you can do any design you want here.you can get layouts from google.Use a 1 1/8”
drill bit to cut the holes.