Step 5: Art work

Picture of Art work
If you followed the steps your cab should look something like the one in the pics below.So now what we do is put the control panel with the lid off on top of the base.Make sure the back of the control panel is flush with the back of the base and even on both sides the control panel should hang over a half inch on each comes the art work i made a custom picture with photoshop and had it printed on high gloss poster paper at staples for ten bucks this step is also optional.If you decided to use art work make sure you get a piece of plexiglass the same size as your the plexiglass on the control panel over the button holes.Make sure everything is even and draw a line across the top of the plexiglass on the control panel.then cut the control panel in half.we will reconnect the two half.with a piano hinge take the half with the button holes and your plexi glass and a scrap piece of mdf.and sandwich the plexi between the two clamp it all togather.use the part with the holes as a guide and drill through the holes through the plexi very slow you dont want to crack it.and now your plexi will match the control panel and protect your art work.
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