Step 7: Side Art

Now this step is also optional and can be done a few ways.to add art work to the legs you can custom cut a logo or you could get a vinyl sticker made or just be creative.i chose to make my tag team logo out of wood letters.all i did here was go to my local craft store and picked up wood letters and 4 wood planks.i painted them and with a nail  gun attached them to each leg.you can also use wood glue and wood nails or screw it in.
<p>This is dope but modding the controllers like that is a pain in the ass. look to ultimarc for a conversion. I use the xbox to jpac mod for my arcade.</p>
<p>this is awesome !!</p>
please vote for the mediacade 4.0 in the design contest thanks
When you said you needed a Jigsaw did you have him fly over all the way from NYC?
lol <br>

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