Step 9: Preparing the Xbox

this step uses a original softmodded xbox.the best part of using a soft modded xbox is how stable it is.You can install tons of homebrew apps and emulators plus XBMC this will make the cab a media center as well.Now soft moding a xbox is simple and there are tons of tutorials on youtube and google that will show you how step by step.you can buy a original xbox very cheep at pawn shops, flea markets,or craigslist.i got mine on ebay with two controllers for 20 bucks.once you have this all done we want to take the xbox apart.once you have it all in parts you want to dremel the case bottom down as far as you can go this will give us a motherboard tray see pic below.now with a xbox once softmodded there is really no need for the dvd drive because you can ftp.so what you wanna do is take the motherboard off of the dvd drive thats the only part we need.tape the board in electric tape leaving the original connectors exsposed and reconnect to the xbox.now it will boot normal.next extend the power button with a momentary  push button of your choice (see pic below for wiring point).you can place this button any wear you want on back of the control panel.grab two 80mm fans of your choice i choose ones with leds.attach these with a molex y splitter to the xbox power behind the hdd.then put one sucking air in and one sucking air out. (see pic of my layout below)use original holes in bottom of xbox case to screw it down.you can also install fan grills.
<p>This is dope but modding the controllers like that is a pain in the ass. look to ultimarc for a conversion. I use the xbox to jpac mod for my arcade.</p>
<p>this is awesome !!</p>
please vote for the mediacade 4.0 in the design contest thanks
When you said you needed a Jigsaw did you have him fly over all the way from NYC?
lol <br>

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