This is a brief instructable to demonstrate a process to cook using medicinal marijuana.  There are now more types of medicinal edibles than ever before in the dispensaries.   Well,  here is an old school home cooked version of a tried and proven classic.  As far as I can tell the variations on this are only limited by imagination and local character.  So, here is some  Sonora Arizona spoon-fulls.

  I've been led to understand the fallowing:  The reason this works is that the weed must reach about 300 degrees f to activate. You can achieve this by vaporizing, smoking, or cooking so that the fumes are absorbed into the food. I think brownies don't use water, only oil for some recipes so this would work best because oil boils at a higher temp than water, which your would have to cook off all the water before the THC is activated and butter can get pretty hot too so this would work.

  No kidding? Thanks pyrogreasemonkey  https://www.instructables.com/answers/How-do-you-make-special-browinesweed-browines-/  .........and so I got my first best answer.

Step 1: Medicanal Material

 This is a seeded and stemmed mix of 2 of the Different Neufeltian strains out of Tucson,  A cloned local Sonoran strain cultivated outdoors year round since the Flowing Wells-CDO sky pilots of 72 or or 73,.......gosh who knows.  What is known was a son was caught by his Pops (a member of the royal Neptune society) and was scolded for growing and vaporizing reefer fumes. The dumb kid could hardly grow weeds in the garden, let alone something productive. Using post whole diggers his father dug holes that spit stalks 16 feet tall. He then processed the THC and orally consumed it in a variety of ways.  He even swore it was better medicinally than opium, and believe me he knew!

  In dispensaries this is similar to commercial Reggie. Its the common non-pot snobby variety of medicine.  Well, except for one thing. This $10 4 finger lid bag has become a powerfully potent strain of medicine. Don't forget, its taken orally giving a more calmed body rather than the mind.  
<p>This would be a good article for me to direct some of my customers to. A lot of them do ask for tips on how best to make use of their medical marijuana and cannabis supply and good instructions would definitely help them get the most out of their herb.</p>
<p>I lived in Boulder, Colorado and used to own a company called Red Eye Jack's until the laws changed. The simmer method is good, but the best process for extracting medical grade butter is with a crock pot that has a &quot;Keep Warm&quot; setting. this setting is low enough for butter to melt and activate the THC. This process can be done by simmering in same method above, overnight to 48 hours (if water is added to keep a buffer between the oil burning to a crisp and getting to gooey.) This method of slower extraction adds the benefit of absorption to the fat molecules to that of THC, giving a more refined high and maximum herbal infusion. </p>
<p>lol, currently live in Boulder.</p>
<p>somewhat esoteric and legend heavy, but the enthusiasm saves it. How does it happen that the left over foliage has enough thc to be potent when used by itself? I mean, you can use a tea bag twice, but the second time is going to be weak if the first was strong. Thanks for the instrucable.</p>
<p>You are correct. It's not as strong but it's there and no since in waste.</p>

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