Medieval Coin Purse





Introduction: Medieval Coin Purse

Hello to everyone, this is my first instructable!

I create this medieval leather coin purse, a motorbiker asked me to do this for him. And I will shear it!! Im not a professional leather craftsman, but i like to work with leather.

Step 1: File Wood

I create with a file a convexity on a simple wood skrap, after this I fix it on a skrap wood table with some glue, just to have it firm.

Step 2: Leather Molding

Before starting molding put the leather pieces in hot water just 2min. and after start molding. In this case I take 3,5mm Vegatble tanned leather. I usede a coffe cup with the same diameter for help pressing. IMPORTANT: make two pieces of this!!

Step 3: Cut Out and Glue

After waiting to have leather dry, just in one pieces you must cut out the coin door. Glue (cement) this two pieces togheter

Step 4: Dye and Rivett

Take mesure of a leather string with place of carabiner, important is that everything must be very firm and precise if you want close and open easy the door. I used 4 rivett and 1 click button.



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How did you set the rivets inside the dome after it was glued?

Hello Michael,
I begin with the rivets in the back of the door. Use the corner of a table like an anvil or an anvil! And use rivet setter. If you in truble ask for more. Ciao.

Love the tutorial on the round molded coin pouch. When you cut the opening for the pouch did you cut it on a bevel to allow for a flush closing when closed?

This is certainly a thing of beauty. Not sure I could make it though. Congratulations!

Thank you DavidK75, you can do it, its easyer then you think, belive me! Try... if you need help ask me.

Thank you! If I muster the guts to try it and i get shipwrecked, I may well take you up on that!

brillant simply brillant.

Nice- I like molded leather projects- it shows creativity,- great job!!!