Back in 2008, I entered the Nazareth Adult Soap Box Derby. NASBRA and Co. have built this into an annual event of the area's best and brightest engineering talents.

But 2008 was the first year of the race and had no idea what to expect. I also had no clue how I would build my car. I did research online about the designs of soapbox cars but found that most are really lame. I started building my car in March and decided that I would use my inherent talents as much as possible to make the fastest and best looking car possible. I am good at paper art but bad at carpentry so I focused on making a mechanically simple design that incorpated paper art. I started by recording a few goals: 1) The car should look good 2) Use as many reclaimed materials as possible 3) Spend as little money as possible

Step 1: Chasis

I collected as much scrap wood as I possibly could from people's garbage piles around town. I started with a sheet of plywood and built a body out of 2X3 studs. These studs were the only wood that I bought from a store. They cost me about $8 total. All other wood was reclaimed scrap wood.
ANOTHER awesome entry for the current Halloween Contest under the &quot;Props&quot; category.<br><br>High-FIVE!!!
Love it!!!! Great job. I could see putting this on a little red wagon for the little ones to play with in the back yard. I think it could inspire a lot of day dreams LOL.
Sweet. I love the dragon!
too much fun!
This is full of 100% awesomeness!

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