For Halloween this year, we dressed as ancient stone gargoyles. We’re perching on stone pedestals, also known as plinths. We recently flew off a cathedral in France and arrived in America to celebrate Halloween.

These costumes were completely hand-made, and they involved sewing parts of it, a lot of gluing, painting, and some adapting of a variety of store-bought items. The costumes involve an illusion, in which it appears that we have legs perching on the pedestals, while our real legs blend into the background.

Step 1: Stone Gargoyle Shirts


Gray shirt
Gray felt
Stone paint (we used Duncan Granite Stone paint)
Glue (we used Fabri-tac)
Silver glitter glue

We made the shirts look like the body of the gargoyle covered with stones. We first painted a large amount of gray felt with the stone paint. We then cut up the felt into squares, with rounded edges. Each square was around 4.5 inches by 5 inches. We then took a small amount of stuffing, just enough to fit inside the shape while still being able to get the edges glued down, and glued the edges of the shape over the stuffing onto the shirt. This formed a stone shape on the shirt. We then completely covered both sides of the shirts with these shapes. When that was dry, we used silver glitter glue to outline all of the shapes, and fill in any empty spots, sort of like mortar between the stones.
<p>that is very original. The wings, what a great idea!</p>
I LOVE GARGOYLES! and yours are very impressive. In have one question - are you able to control the wings to fold/unfold?
Thanks so much. Yes, the wings had a string attached that when you pulled on an angle, the wings stretched out to their full width.
I'm way impressed with how well the stone paint works on fabric. Well done, folks!
You guys look great !! You put a lot of thought and hard work into these costumes and you have totally succeeded.
Those costumes look great!

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