Step 3: Box Pedestal Attached to Boots


2 Boxes per costume (we used collapsible storage boxes around 9”)
Stone paint
Plastic Jewels
Black spray paint
Dental Floss and Needle

We wanted our gargoyles to perch on a pedestal, but didn’t want to wear a box that would prevent us from moving around or sitting. We decided to use two boxes, one on each leg, that would look like one box when you put your legs together. You can either use boxes with covers, or if you don’t have covers, use hard cardboard to make a cover for each one. Don’t attach the covers yet. The bottom of the box will be facing up, and the cover should close up the bottom when it is time. You need to carefully cut holes in the top of each box and in each cover. For the top hole, you want to put the hole on the back corner on the side that will be closest to your body. Otherwise the boxes will be in your way too much, and will prevent you from walking. You want the boxes to stick on the sides farthest from your body, and stick out in front of you as much as possible. Try to make the hole large enough that your foot can get inside, but not any larger than that. For the hole in the covers, make a hole that the top of the boot can go through, lined up with the top hole. The cover hole will probably be bigger than the top one. Once you have the holes in both boxes, you can paint them with the stone paint. You might also like to decorate them in any manner you like with plastic jewels, to add a little color. If you have black boots, great, otherwise we sprayed our rain boots black with black spray paint. To attach the boxes to the boots, we first took the cover, which is not attached to the box but has a hole in it, and put the boot through it, and just let it sit there. We then attached the rest of the box to the boot by putting a needle with dental floss through the boot and box and back out again, and tying knots. We did this three or four times on the sides the boot was touching the box to secure it. We then pulled the cover, which was hanging out at the bottom of the boot, up to meet the box, and glued it on. When this is done, each box should rest on the top of each boot, and you should be able to put your foot through them and walk around. We also sewed on a strip of velcro to match the feet, in order to secure them to the boxes when we’re walking around.
<p>that is very original. The wings, what a great idea!</p>
I LOVE GARGOYLES! and yours are very impressive. In have one question - are you able to control the wings to fold/unfold?
Thanks so much. Yes, the wings had a string attached that when you pulled on an angle, the wings stretched out to their full width.
I'm way impressed with how well the stone paint works on fabric. Well done, folks!
You guys look great !! You put a lot of thought and hard work into these costumes and you have totally succeeded.
Those costumes look great!

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