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This project came to be after I found these great medieval-looking sconces at a warehouse sale.  At that time I had already purchased the cracked-glass globes at an estate sale; the sconces and the globes seemed to naturally go together.

I used LEDs (10 mm. diffused blue) attached to a rig that I built out of popsicle sticks inside the globes themselves.  I added a toggle on/off switch and connected everything to a 9V battery.  Did you know that a C-battery case holds a 9V battery really well?  You can see this in my pictures.

I am very happy with how these lights turned out.


cwix09 (author)2010-10-22

Where can we find glass globes like that?

makerdan (author)cwix092010-10-23

Well, I find these sorts of glass globes a lot at garage or estate sales. Barring that, I found lots of globes for sale when I did a web search on Google (finding a cheap one is up to you). Use keywords: "cracked glass" AND "globe". You will then notice that these globes are most frequently found as part of 'garden globes' that you can ornament your yards with; I recommend the "cracked glass" ones to buy--they diffuse the light better than the clear or all-white globes do. Hope this helps, and good luck!

caitlinsdad (author)2010-10-11

I could see this being used with one of the jack-o-lantern flickering LED candles. It would be pretty cool to put it on the end of a staff and carry it around. Nice.

makerdan (author)caitlinsdad2010-10-12

Oooh, I like your idea!

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