Hi! We are Eliz and Julia. We are both graduate students in Products of Design at the School of Visual Arts. Being a student in NYC can sometimes be stressful. We needed to remind ourselves to breathe so we created a mediation mandala lamp that's powered by breath. The light changes colors as you inhale and exhale. Focusing on breathing (and not thinking about anything else) is a way to meditate. Even just a few minutes of focused breathing can have an amazing effect on your mood and can reduce anxiety.We want everyone to be able to experience a few minutes of daily zen so we're sharing our process with you. Enjoy. And remember -- just breathe.

Step 1: Materials

  1. Arduino uno
  2. wind sensor (we bought it from Modern Device)
  3. LED strip (like this one from Adafruit)
  4. wires
  5. soldering iron
  6. bending plywood
  7. wood glue
  8. laser cutter
  9. spray paint
  10. hot glue
  11. pipe cleaners
  12. translucent paper
  13. 5V plug
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<p>Thanks for the instructable! I am working on a project that needs respiratory rate detection. I have made a belt using a piezo sensor, but it only detects the exhale. Does this wind sensor detect both the inhale and the exhale of a participant?</p>
Love this! Great idea!
That's an awesome application of the wind sensor.

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