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Does it sharpen razor blades as well?

if the pyramid is built to proper proportions, it is a very unique experience when you just sit under one not to mention how much deeper ones meditation is when this strange energy is focused on a person. I have asked a number of people, skeptics, believers etc to sit under this pyramid, no clock in sight, then asked them to come out from under the pyramid when they thought 15 minutes had lapsed. They all sat for at least 45 to 60 minutes and said they experienced a very serene calming effect?...and insisted that only 15 minutes had passed.

Placebo effect, alive and well.

the placebo effect relates to a positive or negative effect to a person through suggestion or belief. A doctor gives a patient a sugar pill but tells them it is a very powerful pain killer and it elevates the patients pain. Sitting under a pyramid with no suggestion, just sit for a prescribed time period then observe a difference in passed time relative to perceived time has absolutely nothing to do with the medical term.."placebo" Now i am not saying there is time dilation occurring or anything like that, just an observation, plain and simple. Nuff said.

The placebo effect is in the expectation, not the instruction (did you know that stimulants work better when the pill is artificially-coloured blue? or that the effectiveness of pain-killers is linked to the price paid?) - I am absolutely certain that you have never sat a subject under this "device" who has never heard of so-called "pyramid power".

Challenge yourself - sit more subjects under the plastic, then when they have closed their eyes and begun meditation, silently remove the pyramid. How many will continue to feel the effects?

I will confidently predict that the majority will experience the same effects as if the the pyramid was left in place.

you have some very interesting point and obviously you are more knowledgeable in pyramid science. I just build them and am new to this stuff, thanks for your points...looks like i have a bit of reading to do....thanks Kiteman

Save yourself the time - there is no such thing as "pyramid science".

The only effect being exhibited here is, as I said, the placebo effect. Just like homoeopathic remedies and magnetic bracelets, they only work if believe they work.

lol..i should never have posted that darn pyramid...going to delete it.....

Agreed, but there is one point in favor of "pyramid science" that should be argued for this design - spatial awareness effects. Most of the pyramids that are touted as snake-oil wonders are wire meshes or frames, and are not solid plastic panels. For a design like this, spatial awareness may actually increase the placebo effect, simply by the person being able to "sense" the proximity of an enclosed object.

I would bet that, no matter how silently and smoothly you manage to remove the pyramid (as long as you don't take hours moving it millimeters at a crawl), most people would notice that the pyramid has been removed, either by a change in local pressure (ear drums are fantastic for proximity sensing - try it with an old-school diving helmet), audio distortion/amplification of ambient noises when the pyramid is close, or (depending on the materials chosen) electrical sensitivity.

Now, this argument does not diminish the placebo effect theory, but for the placebo effect to work, the subject needs to feel as if the pyramid is doing something. If they can sense, by any means, that the pyramid has vanished, I would expect this conscious or subconscious realization to override the placebo and break / intrude upon their meditation.  Granted, there are people who wouldn't notice a thing - even subconsciously...like cat-stacking, for humans, I'd agree with you if the design tuxedo1954 posted was an open-field pyramid.  But anything that can distort ambient noises, something I am particularly attuned to (not as great as it sounds...), could be far more recognizable in proximity than a mesh or frame.