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    Hello~ thanks for the compliment on my Medusa Headpiece. Unfortunately, she was sitting in my classroom on my desk as Halloween was approaching and my school campus got flooded in during Hurricane Sandy. She may be a gonner since they are not airing out the buildings! My school had to be relocated to temporary facility and we start again on Tuesday with students. :o(

    Love this! I have a big fascination with Medusa, I always feel a little sorry for her. Love this idea and will try it out. Thanks for sharing!

    This is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for Medusa. Where did you get the crown pattern? That is particularly beautiful. And the snake size and shape are also perfect -- where did you get them?

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    Thanks for the compliment on the Medusa headpiece. I drew the crown myself by hand. No pattern. But I did use a picture of Medusa that someone drew as inspiration. The snakes came from those part time Halloween stores "Spirit"?? I collected them at the end of the season while they were cheaper (12 total). Gorilla glue worked to keep them attached to the child's hard hat I used as the base. A few year later now and the crown is starting to flake apart.

    Thanks again!

    Yes - I am hunting now for the snakes. The snakes that most places, including the Spirit stores, are carrying now seem to be skinnier and longer than the ones you used. I am looking for the shorter, fatter variety you had. I found a wholesaler that seemed to be carrying similar snakes, but I have to buy $250 worth of snakes -- which I won't do. So the snake hunt continues.

    Would it be possible to buy the crown pattern from you? I know I could do it fine if I had that gorgeous pattern, but I doubt my ability to create a pattern on my own. I know you didn't make a pattern, but would it be possible to trace the crown, or to draw another one for me? Seriously, I would love to pay you for the crown, and I promise I will use it only for my personal Medusa costume.

    Thanks so much for the tips!

    Try this place for snakes. Fortunately for me, I can go to their store. I just bought snakes from them for a wreath I made.

    Hi, i am wondering how you sprayed the gold on after the green and didn't get the green all over it. I want to replicate this closely for a costume and just couldn't figure out how you did that! tips are appreciated, thanks, bbm

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    thank you, in the photos above it looked like the snakes were done first and the crown 2d and i thought maybe you detached it fro spraying and glitter glue. it looks like it could be hard to do. also, did you ever post the diagram of the crown or do you have a link tot he picture you used for reference? thank you, its really great. i have been sewing more than 40 years and really can appreciate the craftsmanship shown here. i just discovered this whole website!


    I do not have a template. I am a trained draftsperson and drew it right onto the foam felt and cut it out. Take a piece of cardboard and wrap it across your forehead from ear to ear. Then lay that flat and use that space to sketch out one side of the crown design. Fold it in half and trace the other side after you have cut the first side out. You can spray it and glitter it before you adhere it too.

    PS, for anyone else doing this:

    there are several motion activated toy snakes that hiss available at amazon and toys r us in case you want SOUND to go with the design. I also though about getting a recordable chip insert from Build-a-bear to put in a glove so i could hiss when i want too. I wanted my husband to have a shield that had a mirror on it or hand out mirrors at the party in keeping with the motiff but he didn't go for it.

    i am still thinking about the headpiece because I have curly hair i could weave into it, and i want to bee ventilated. a round floral wreath from a craftstore may fit on the head nice but not make you sweat, and you could do as above with that too i think. I hope its Ok to share some thoughts i had too. I am also takinging the lower half of a mermaid/fish pattern to create a scaly fin-like thing to drag along, maybe with some black netting on the end and black/green wired ribbon.

    I believe I sprayed the gold prior to the green and then just masked it off. I may have had ot touch the gold up, but I then had painted the gold and added the glitter to the surface while it was wet. ;o)

    Hi Im going to attempt to copy your idea, but i have a question, did you use the childs hard helmet just as a base for glueing the snakes, then remove the snakes once glue all set ? or did you actually wear the hard hat covered in the snakes ? thanks in advance !

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    I left the helmet as part of the headpiece for structural integrity. The snakes are glued right to it. Gorilla glue and pins until it dries. I cut away any part of the helmet that wasn't needed afterwards.

    Good luck, let me know how you do!


    Looks great! I am making this headpiece. I have the snakes (same ones you used) and am trying to glue them to a baseball cap with he bill removed. I have the cap on a wig form so it is stable. I am using gorilla glue lime you said. How did you keep them in place while the glue sets. My snakes are popping up out of the glue. Any suggestions?

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    Lots of pins! And I am not so sure that the baseball cap will hold or stay on your head if it is not rigid. The foam hat was pretty stiff. The headpiece more or less rested on my head with some balance on my part. I hope your attempt works! Good luck!


    Great job!
    I just love the crown and how you worked the gold snakes into the dress.