Introduction: Mega CRAZY Experiment With a Watermelon

Step 1: To Do a Mega CRAZY Experiment With a Watermelon You Need!

Step 2: In Today's Instructables I'm Going to Show You How to Make a Mega Experiment With a Watermelon at Home.

You may use the skin of watermelon as a pan and prepare ravioli in it.

Step 3: Cut Off the Top of a Watermelon, Remove Flesh, and Put Frozen Ravioli Inside the Watermelon.

Step 4: Cover It With the Cut Top, and Put Watermelon on Coal.

Bon appetit!!!!


damionflynn made it! (author)2016-08-09

Interesting. I bet the watermelon added a nice flavor profile if they were cheese ravioli, but meat might taste a little funny.
I like creative ideas like this. I kept thinking you were going to burn your butt on the fire though while cleaning out the melon. :)

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