Mega Folder Locker





Introduction: Mega Folder Locker

this instructable is on how to hide files behind a password with a batch file..,
thecatch is that the password is loaded into the batch files through a free-standing text file.

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Step 1: Making the File

first open notepad
either open the run box and type "notepad.exe"

or click start then goto all programms
then to accessories and finally click on notepad.

then type in:

@echo off
set /p password= <password.txt
title Folder Locker
color C
echo please type the password please...
echo =) you have as many tries as you want =)
set /p passcode=">"
if %passcode%==%password% (
goto right
goto wrong
echo that is the right password!!
start "your destination here"
goto exit
echo =( in sorry that is the wrong password =(
goto begin

after you copy that save the file as "anything".bat

Step 2: Making a Password

open notepad again, type in anything you want for a password.

===then save the file as PASSWORD.TXT===

::::::yes you must do this or the batch file will not work::::::
also make sure that the two files ae in the same directory (folder)
but if you want to move this file you must change part of the batch file...

and password.txt

now right click on the password file and pick properties, then click on the box "HIDDEN" and apply to the file you should now notice that the file is now un-seeable and cannot be spied on.

Step 3: Finish

now that the two files are there all that you have to do
is run them and hope you did everything right =>

here are the files in case you cannot find notepad:



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    what is its password

    wait so it makes it password protected but whats the password

    The password is whatever you want it to be (see step 3)

    Any good Computer geek/hacker would know that

    what did DarthVader say??

    Absolutely no idea.....
    I think he was going off about the fact that

    attrib +s +h

    does not "lock" the folder. It merely hides it.

    simple fix for this problem
    1. put password in the file
    2. convert to exe