This instructable will teach you how to make a K'nex grenade that MIGHT have the most fragments on this site! (59 fragments!) It's very easy to make and it's very powerful for its size!

Step 1: Pieces

You will need...

White connector x 3

Yellow connector x 8

Orange connector x 16

Red connector x 16

Gray connector x 16

Rubber Band x 2-4 (4 for best power)

Step 2: Building the Grenade

First, take a white connector and attach 8 yellow connectors to it without any rods like so (pic 1). Then, take 8 Gray connectors and attach them to the yellow connectors, skipping a yellow connector every time because they don't fit otherwise (pic 2). Next, attach two orange connectors to each yellow connector without any rods (pic 3). Then, attach 8 red connectors to each white connector (not the one on the grenade)(pic 4). Next, attach a gray connector to every other red connector like so (pic 5). Finally, put them together and you're done (pic 6)!

Step 3: Adding Power (optional)

This step is optional, the grenade still works without rubber bands. if you want to add power, put 2-4 rubber bands around the grenade longways. Ta-Da! Please comment and rate! Suggestions appreciated, they're what got me to build this!

Step 4: In Action!

Watch this video of the explosion! This is only using two weak rubber bands!!! (all the pieces went into the corner because that's the way i threw it.)
Yes, i didnt design it for power, i made it because it had alot of pieces. And if you throw it at the ground as hard as you can it might acheive a blast radius for 30+ feet, and with 59 pieces, it could be useful. I never said it was the best grenade on the site. I'va also invented another grenade which is veru powerful but only has 4 pieces. It's very simple and you can put as many rubber bands on as you want (until the pieces themselves snap). Post?
<strong>I'M SORRY, BUT THIS IS JUST NOT AS GOOD AS THIS ONE:</strong><br/>THIS GRENADE ACTUALLY FRAGMENTS, AND IF YOU DO IT RIGHT, WILL FILL A ROOM WITH SHRAPNEL!''<em><strong></strong></em><br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/ACTUAL_WORKING_KNEX_FRAG_GRENADE/">https://www.instructables.com/id/ACTUAL_WORKING_KNEX_FRAG_GRENADE/</a><br/>
actually this is the same fragment# as the grenade by nicamo it is called the mega grenade, and it was posted first.
how hard did you throw it?
Oops, i just tossed it up into the air. I should re-do the video and throw it as hard as i can =P. But you can still see how much it can do even if you barely throw it! Build it please! =D.<br/>
ya im kind of running low on peices, so when i get more peices ill make it oh and i asked how hard you threw it to see if it can explode without extreme force
Yes, it can definately explode with very little force. But i put as much power as i could on it and dropped it. There were a few dents in the wall... Don't try putting any more than 2 strong rubber bands on it or it will explode in your face >.<.

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