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Step 12: Mega Man's Boots (Materials and Tools)

Picture of Mega Man's Boots (Materials and Tools)
All that remained between me and a beautiful Mega Man costume were the easy bits (or what I thought should be easy). These included the boots, gloves, and suit.

Since I already had the fabric, the only things we needed for this were a flat stiff type of foam. Again picked this up at Goodwill for a couple of bucks. I think it was a yoga mate or something like that. It was even dark blue, not that it mattered much as I was going to cover it anyways, but at least it was not hot pink and would show through the fabric.

More Tools and Materials:

Tape Measure
Fine Point Marker
Hot Glue Gun
Sewing machine

Brown Wrapping Paper?!?
Hot Glue Sticks
Dark Blue Fabric
Elastic band
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