Step 19: Mega Man Costume

Here are some shots of the finished product being modeled by my son.
ile4 years ago
We did a Megaman costume for a friend because he really likes Megaman.
Polttarit 041.JPG
KoD_zodiac4 years ago
I have to say, I just joined instructables so I could view all of your pictures. I plan on making some of these for my family for halloween 2011 and I will be using your instructable as a guide for sure! We're doing mega man(my 5yo), mega man X(me) and either Alia or cinammon from the X series(my wife).
Wo0kiE4 years ago
wow! very creative and your son is adorable!
What's next??? Mega Man X???
craineum (author)  Wo0kiE4 years ago
Actually this is from two years ago, last year I did Yoshi and Mario, this year I did Proto Man and Dr. Light.

alex_meng4 years ago
so cute the baby! so smart the dady!
muscleflex4 years ago
this is so cool! i'd like to copy this but an ASTROBOY costume for my 3yr old! he likes astroboy!
craineum (author)  muscleflex4 years ago
Haha! :) We almost did Astroboy last year, but ended up doing mario and yoshi :)
all I gotta say is that the kid is adorable and the costume is awesome. I'm going to try to make somthing akin to this sometime soon. when I do, I'll see about useing some of your designs for the Buster and the leg armor for the boots.
I thank you for sharing this bit on how to replicate the Megaman feel for a home-made costume. I am wanting to make one of these for myself for this season and I agree with most of the steps outlined here, but I would consider making my variant a more macho-looking Megaman, possibly more like the Megaman in the Anime series than the game version of him. In essence, I would switch the briefs with a pair of boxers for the component, and possibly use some padding underneath the clothes that  I would use for the outfit to make the torso a bit more muscular, being canon to the Megaman of the Animated series of the 90s.  Aside from that, I would obviously rotate the square on Megaman's helmet 45 degrees to complete the appearance. It's true: we CAN  scale up the appearance for other ages, BUT  it should also be known that some OTHER  modifications might need to be made on HOW  to put it together.
tcollt5 years ago
This is awesome! Great job!
badboypl35 years ago
That's so awesome!
Icee2025 years ago
If you can, email me at isaacm_113@hotmail.com
Icee2025 years ago
Not to be to troublesome or lazy but, ummmmm.......... Would it be possible for you to make a mega man costume for a 15 year old......... I've been a mega man fan since I was eight. I have all the mega man games and even the tv series. I wanted to know that if I gave you my sizes and stuff and paid for the materials and tools needed, along with the working charges, if you could make me one. Thx
yoshi4256 years ago
I am so making one of these for me!
King Joe6 years ago
Cute and cool!
greenphreak6 years ago
marcss6 years ago
Amazing job! This is inspiring. I miss my Mega Man days.