Step 2: Crochet

People always asked me how I learned to crochet such crazy detailed stuff. My answer? YouTube. I seriously just typed "how to  crochet" in the search bar one day. It is a truly easy thing to do, and I believe anyone can learn the basics from a video. Nothing beats watching someone actually DOING it.

There are hundreds of crochet tutorials on YouTube, so I feel I don't need to be repetitive and make my own for this instructable. But! Here are the crochet skills you will need and can search for:

- How to single crochet
- How to half-double crochet
- How to crochet in the round
- How to make a magic ring
- Front loop and back loop crochet
Oh man, I need these!! Have some you wanna sell?? I can't crochet and I'm actually afraid to try, but I need these E-tanks!!!
Awesome! SImple and fun! I've really become obsessed with crochet lately.

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