Mega Powerbank for Campers





Introduction: Mega Powerbank for Campers

About: radom diy projects

an easy and cheap DIY big powerbank for campers

Step 1: Part List

i use:

* 12v 18Ah Lead Acid Battery

* 10A solar charge controller

* 30w 18v solar panel

* 12-24 to 5v 2,5Ah dc to dc converter

Step 2: Build It

  • put the controller and the 5v converter with hot glue at the top of the battery and connect the wires
    • add a 4 pin connector to plug and unplug the solar panel easily
    • add the usb ports on 5v converter and a connector for 12v output

    Step 3: Connection Diagram

    • add a fuse on the (+) of battery
    • add a switch for the 5v converter and one for 12v if you want
    • add if you want a led dimmer

    do not connect anything direct on the battery if not needed.

    the solar controler have over-charging /over-discharging protection

    Step 4: End..

    now can have energy for days with no sun..



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      Very nice build. Thanks for the write-up.

      1 reply

      How much juice is needed to power a lamp or refrigerator

      5 replies

      for lamps. choose led lamps. very efficient and lot of light

      you are right! thanks

      that is approx a 4.5 ah

      minimal amount for peltier element style cooler box 40_50wats 12 volt