Megaman Save DR. Light *UPDATE*

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Introduction: Megaman Save DR. Light *UPDATE*

This game is a fun, free, and challenging!

    Dr.Light turned megaman off and put him in his capsule.
He decided to call it a night until Dr.Wily broke in and captured
him. Luckily the security is set and Megaman wakes up and notices
Dr.Light is missing. Mega man gets Link and both go off to Dr.Wily's
castle to save Dr.Light. Dr.Wily however was especting them to come
and prepared for the arrival of Mega man and Link. Megaman and Link
Now have 30 levels to go through to get to Dr.Light, will they get to

Anyways, Rate, favorite, subscribe!

Step 1: Supplys.

1. A computer,
System Requirements
At least a Pentium 100 MHz. It may run off lower, Im
not sure though.
2. 1-2 people. (: It's 2 player :)

Step 2: Downloading.

This is how you download the game, Go to this website, Then after after you click the "Download now" Save where you want your file to save to, Then after that go to where you saved the file to and extract it into a games folder / desktop ETC.

Step 3: Playing!

How to play.

A is to run left
S to lay down
D to go right
ctrl: fire



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 How to download a game?  Not really an instructable.  At all.

Thank you

Why the heck did you rate it down...

 Because.  It is an instructable on how to download a game from CNET (which a large majority can handle by themselves).  It would be better off as a forum topic.  Not an instructable.

If you had made the game, that would be different.  Maybe show some source code, etc.  But you didn't.

In my mind, this rides along the line of infringement.

Sorry I'm not perfect, I just made this because I was bored and I haven't made a instructable for nearly 2 years

That's not a good reason for making an Instructable.
Should we pretend it's good cause you were bored when you made it?