My son finally made his choice for a halloween costume this year. It was a close battle between Megaman and Sonic! Megaman won after showing him my collection of vintage games. Cameron is a avid video gamer and a lego fanatic! Once the suit was completed, it was hard to not feel like a kid again! Enjoy the pictures of our Megacreation! The suit took an entire 50 to 60 hrs of work, not including the countless hours or research. The helmet and the blaster were the tricky parts. Against all odds the suit came together beautifully. Constructed of mostly household products and some lucky toys, megaman is green friendly!
The helmet houses 2 L.E.D. push lights, that can be turned on and off easily! The body suit is made of breathable swimwear material that stretches and contorts to his body! The blaster was made from waterjug and foam. TheMegablaster used has 2 spining cores, tons of L.E.D.s and even makes lots sounds! The boots were made from yoga mats and the connected with hardware. Take a look and enjoy!!

Step 1:

Step 1
   Time to find all the right pieces. Heres a list of what I used and roughly how much!
The goodwill is the best place to find most of your Megaman stuff!
The list
   1. Basketball  $1.50
   2. L.E.D. puck lights $3.00
   3. Water jug $1.00
   4 1/2" thick yoga mat $10.00
   5. Roll of foam 1/4" thck 6" wide x 25' $12.00 construction supply
   6. Fabric appx 3 yrd each color. $25.00
   7. Bolt and washer hardware $2.00

Youll also need a variety of tools to modify the waterjug and toygun u decide to use.
Gluegun with lots of glue sticks, 3m doubleback tape, 3m spray 74, masking tape, blue tape, soildering gun, razor knifes, jigsaw and basic hand tools.
<p>I would pay you to make me a costume like this. If your interested in making some extra money please contact me at Tonydangerous@gmail.com</p>
<p>so cute! Great job man!</p>
I always loved megaman he was my favorite nintendo character
This is absolutely amazing! a huge part on your back is well-deserved!
This is so cool!!
Awesome job I would love to do an adult sized one
awesome :D
Amazing, good job!!!
You r Great..... Very cool and fun
Thanks to you mister I want to have kid even faster lol :) Great job
Mega lov'n it!
when i was growing up as a kid in the 90's i looked for a megaman costume every year and never found one. you could sell costumes this good and easily make a few hundred a piece.
Do a Protoman this year, It would be awesome.
I would pay you to make something like this for me!
Awesome job ;) Where did you get that material?!?
I got the swimwear material at joanns fabrics. The leds at frys.com and the toy gun was pure luck!
Love it. As an old mega man fan this one really made the day :D
Thx emily and send us pics of yours next year! <br>If you guys like the costume please vote for us on the World Series of Costumes!!<br><br>Here's a link and like on your facebook! Thx everyone!<br>Thx! Good luck with yours next year, send pics!!<br><br><br>http://mlb.mlb.com/mlb/ps/y2010/halloween_gallery.jsp?transactionId=157704215
Great job. What a little cutie you have. I can't wait to replicate this costume for my son next year. =) Thanks for all the pointers and such creative ways to produce this amazing MegaMan suit!
That came out sweet.

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