Megapolis Hacks and Cheats 2015


Introduction: Megapolis Hacks and Cheats 2015

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Looking to Find a way to beat the game Megapolis? If you need a hand or a boost in getting Megabucks, more coins and if you just want some more XP points this guide will cover all of that.

If you don't know this game or would like to give it go , you can find it here -

Then you can also find the online generator here-

Step 1: Step 1: Download Game From the Play Store or App Store

The First step you want to do is download the game from either the Play Store or the App Store

*You can see the game options from here -

Step 2: Step 2: Go to Online Generator and Enter the Amount of Perks You Want for Your Account

  • Next you will go to the online generator at
  • You will enter your game username and the amount of coins,megabucks, and XP that you want
  • Restart the game and when you load it back up they should be on your account

* Every time you start up the game you will have to re-enter this information to get the cheats

Step 3: Step 3: Go Be the Best at Megapolis!!

With this all of these cheats you can beat this game! Hope you enjoy them!



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