Babette Blanket





Introduction: Babette Blanket

The first blanket I ever made was for my 5 year old daughter. I recently completed it, and my 6 year old son even sat with me and did his first few stitches! The pattern is Kathy Merrick's Babette Blanket.

I used 17 balls of Gong by OrnaghiFilati yarn, a G6/4mm hook by Susan Bates, and a Large-Eyed Blunt Needle for attaching the squares.

I absolutely adore the blanket. I loved choosing the colors, the varying square sizes prevented burn-out, and it feels like heaven. It was so enjoyable I'm now making one for my son!



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    It looks great Keesha! In fact I am now determined once and for all to learn how to crochet so I can give this blanket a shot.

    Truly gorgeous. You should be very proud of yourself!

    Thank you Patsy Trisha! :D

    Well done!!

    Thank you irynton. I appreciate that! Thanks for looking!

    That's beautiful! I love the variety of sizes and colors, and it's great to see your son helping. ;)

    Thank you canida! Now that I'm working on my son's, my daughter is trying to help! I'm so excited both of them are wanting to be involved and learn how to do this. Hard to believe I was barely older than they are when I learned!

    Love it! I hope Meg is enjoying it :)

    Hi Rebstrong--actually I'm being mean and not letting Meg have hers until her brother's is done. I don't want her rubbing it in that she has one already, etc. His will be done shortly though!

    Lovely colours. I like the pathwork effect