Mehndi Inspired Leather Bracers





Introduction: Mehndi Inspired Leather Bracers

  • These lovely bracers were made from two $5 scrap packs of leather found on Ebay.
  • The design is a combination of elements from the book "Mehndi Designs, Traditional Body Art" found at Michael's.
  • I cut the designs with an x-acto knife, then used a beveler, backgrounder and small circle stamp to finish the design.
  • Then I punched the holes for the laces and the rivets.
  • I stained the pieces with Eco-Flo All-in-One, in Fudge Brown, and then riveted them together.



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    12 Discussions

    How did you do the straps/fasteners on the underside?

    Best thing I've seen in years!! Many years (decades) ago I used to tool leather. Made a lot of gifts, even a pair of shoes. Never got to make my favorite thing, it was a motorcycle jacket with every inch tooled. A gal on a documentary about female bikers had one.

    I understand you probably made these and then took pics, but more instructions would be appreciated.

    Very lovely. Intricate design and displayed in an amazing way! I like these very much and would buy them.