Mehndi Ornament





Introduction: Mehndi Ornament

All over the world mehndi has become an important event and this instructable shows you something really different to do with expired mehndi you have in stock or you can do this with 3D out we go :)

Step 1: What You Need

a ceramic plate & a stand
a mehndi/henna cone or 3D out liner
small container
a paint brush
glue-you need to use a glue which would turn transparent when it's dry
water-not shown

Step 2: Designing

Start designing the design and if you like write a quote and keep it to dry in sunlight.if any water is present the out come will turn bad,because of the moisture you can c fungus on them.

Step 3: Sealing the Design

when the henna on the candle is a small container,take some glue wt little amount of water.don't make it too watery,it should be a thick mixture of water n glue.

apply the mixture on the henna with a paint brush.don't apply it in a up and down movement.just keep drops of mixture on henna,and it will absorb.apply it only on the henna.keep it on a piece of paper to avoid glue dripping on your work top.

when the first coat of glue dries,apply another glue coat over it.and let it dry for about 6 hours

Step 4: Done!!!!

you are done!!! enjoy :)



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    I have one question, would mehndi or henna be able to stain the plate? instead of stay like puffy paint?

    not at all,mehendhi doesn't stain the plate.i had that doubt my self.i cleared it after doing this and after this i did many like this.

    Very pretty! Do you think it would work to mix the glue and henna together before putting it on the plate?

    no i don't think better try & see..if it works let me know :):):)